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“…this is the software package for our industry”

Dave – Builder. And (multi-million dollar) Building Company owner,
Bizprac user for 8 years.

Specialised Building Industry Software

Intelligent business management with Bizprac, a modern and sophisticated construction software system designed specifically for the building industry. A fully integrated multi-user package with a superb feature set, Bizprac is the right choice for the modern building company. Free updates and upgrades, along with superior phone and email support, is included with every subscription.

Integrated Estimating, Accounting, Job Costing, Payroll, Equipment Register, Retentions, Time cards, Job Cards and lots more…

Easily pay your staff, import your bank statements, run your financial reports, keep a close eye on your orders, job costs and expenses, manage your supplier and customer invoicing and payments, claim your retentions and much more…

Gain Control of
budgets & Actuals

Track your Actuals against your Budgets on every single job, every single day. In real time. Nothing left out, nothing left to chance!


Fast data entry and streamlined processes clear your staff time, and your backlog of paperwork, in record time!

Have more confidence
in your business

With Bizprac you'll always know EXACTLY where your business stands financially. From order to invoice, outgoings to income, you will KNOW.

Your business needs the best tools you can get

Building & Construction Estimating and Management Software in Australia

The best tools save you time and money. And that’s exactly what Bizprac does.

The latest version of Bizprac is the culmination of 25 years of continuous design, development and real-world use. And it is feedback from our customers which drives our continuous development and delivery cycle.

From powerful building quoting software, through to a sophisticated accounting suite Bizprac construction software provides you with all the tools you need to be successful. Our system is fully integrated for comprehensive job costing and gives you the ability to manage your cash flow and profits. Using Bizprac will streamline your business procedures and guide you towards managing your business to build maximum profits.

You and your staff will love Bizprac

  • It really is so easy to use and easy to learn
  • It’s flexible enough to adapt to YOUR way of doing business
  • And it has lots of time-saving functions and features
  • Plus it’s driven by YOU, your requests, your needs

How does Bizprac save you time and money?

  • All in one integrated package saves you time in data entry
  • Unlimited separate companies at no additional cost saves you money
  • Unlimited employees at no additional cost also saves you money
  • Free phone and email support saves you money
  • Feature for feature, Bizprac is the building industry’s most cost effective solution

Bizprac is constantly refreshed with updates and upgrades.

  • Modern design gives you lots of advanced features and functions you won’t find in old-fashioned competitors.
  • Powerful multi-user front-end connected to a proven SQL database back-end
  • 25 years of continuous development means you are the recipient of two and a half decades of real world testing and use.
  • Bizprac is built with the latest development tools, designed to run on the latest operating systems.
  • Development in Bizprac moves quickly to keep pace with changing industry needs.

Yes, we understand the building industry. Our builders estimating and accounting management software is designed to set you up with the right tools, advice and skills to keep you in business, and successful.

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“At our previous employer, a large building company, we became familiar with the functionality of a large construction software product from Sage.  So when we went to the market to look for software, our aim was to find similar functionality at a fraction of the price.  We knew it was a tall order.  The only product that provided the full functionality was Bizprac.  Bizprac was built by builders for builders and this was evident to us when we reviewed the product. We were very impressed with the value for money that Bizprac provided and now that we have started to use it, we’re also impressed with the support and ease of use. We’re very happy with Bizprac!”

Rafal Zuliamis

“We have been using Bizprac for more than a year now. I love it!  It tells us how much money is going in and out of the business, where each job is at, the cost of each stage of each job, everything!  It’s easy to use and anyone can use it!  My Bizprac screen is open all day on my second screen, I don’t need to refer to paper files, everything I need is on Bizprac! I can’t think of anything that it doesn’t do!”

Katia Rogers

“Being a builder and owning our own business, it is critical for us to have a building software package that can assist me to maximise all areas of efficiency in the business. The Bizprac system allows us as a business to manage the building and construction side as well as maintaining an up to date record of how we are tracking financially. Having a system that works well with us allows us to deliver high-quality service to our customers and suppliers at a competitive rate. we are equally impressed with the team from Bizprac administration and help desk who arealways able to assist us with any inquiries or further training to maximise our program use.”

Peter Casey

“We reviewed about half a dozen systems before choosing Bizprac. We found other systems were over-engineered and would have made life more difficult. Bizprac has saved us an enormous amount of time from an administrative perspective, and has reduced the time it takes us to prepare a quote significantly. It allows us to track job costs against budget in real-time and manage contract variations with greater visibility, it is great to know how we are tracking at any stage.”

Hollie McPherson

“I’ve been using Bizprac for 20 years.  I like it because it’s easy to use and I can cost jobs easily.  I went on holidays for seven months and, using Bizprac, I was able to run the business remotely”

Don't just take it from us, have a listen to our clients:

Bizprac, the software for builders understands your frustrations...

You won't win all the jobs you quote on so you need to put your estimates together quickly. Bizpac customers tell us they can complete a detailed estimate of a normal sized dwelling within an hour, with 99% accuracy. That's fast and very accurate. The Bizprac Estimator breaks your estimate into easily manageable chunks so you can easily tell at a glance what is still to be completed.

With Bizprac software for builders, rough quotes are a thing of the past because now you can quickly and accurately estimate on each and every job without wasting time! There is no need to cross your fingers and hope for the best when you win a job with Bizprac. Your clients get a detailed quotation and you can have confidence in making the profit margin you expect.

Bizprac, the software for builders, takes you from the estimate all the way to job completion in one fully integrated package. Managing your total costs has never been easier. Bizprac's simplified workflow and single point of data entry drives cost savings by reducing staff inefficiencies. And there are no more worrying data errors caused by duplicating data in multiple software packages. Cut your workload and stress levels by knowing exactly where you are on every estimate, every job, all the time.

We know that competition in the building industry is fierce. You need the best, most capable tools to not only do your building work but also to manage your building work. We created Bizprac to make sure you are getting all the information you really need to manage your business properly! Combining spreadsheets or stand-alone estimating packages with stand alone accounting packages is a recipe for more stress, less productivity and greater costs to the business.

Traditional software packages show you what has already happened but with Bizprac, the software for builders, you can keep your finger on the pulse in “Real Time”.

Bizprac constantly pinpoints your profit position on each and every job in REAL TIME. Always knowing your exact position on every job means you aren't taking risks, you're forward planning for success. The Bizprac processes are designed to make it easy to see all your expected profits, right from the ordering stage. Waiting until you are finished a job and hoping to see a profit is no way to stay in business. If you aren't making a profit on all of your jobs you aren't going to stay in business!

While cash flow is important, profit is king. So to be successful and stay in business you have to make sure you make a profit on each and every job you do! If you aren't making a profit then you are working for nothing. Worse still, if you're making a loss on ANY job then you are effectively PAYING YOUR CUSTOMER for the privilege of working for them!

To have confidence you are making money you need to be able to see each jobs actual costs vs budgets in real time. Bizprac, the software for builders allows you to do this!

We often see builders using (about) three software programs to support their company, but we have observed time taken in data entry, is a real inhibitor to growth and a key risk factor. Enter Data; Repeat; And one more time; by now you can probably relate to what we are saying. At Bizprac we streamline this process by having a single point of entry, from the estimate a click to select the items for a purchase order, your Creditor Invoice is just a simple click and the information imports again so you just need to cast an eye over it; takes about 30 seconds to do your Invoice !!

Bizprac has made it so fast and easy to do your BAS you won't be afraid of tax time any more. No complicated processes, just select the date range for the BAS and hit 'Calculate'. Bizprac takes only a few seconds to calculate your BAS from your day to day data entries. It also analyses your date for entries without GST, incorrect tax codes etc. It's simple, easy and Bizprac collates all of your data to automatically do your BAS for you. Using your AUSkey you can also upload directly to the ATO saving you thousands of dollars in accountant fees.

A business reputation is built in many places. How you present yourself and your quotes to your clients, how you perform your work when you keep your word to your subbies and suppliers and your ability to pay your bills on time. All of this is nothing more or less than a good organisation.

Ok, Bizprac won't help you stand a frame or lay a slab, but it will help you improve every other aspect of your business. With Bizprac, the software for builders, you can generate detailed and accurate estimates and excellent quotes for your clients. With Bizprac you can keep tabs on orders and work with subbies and suppliers while making sure they know exactly what to do, and when. With Bizprac you can make sure of your profits on all jobs so you have the money to pay your bills on time.

Bizprac, the software for builders, is the software for the building and construction industry, and using it helps you make your business more professional too.

You want to grow your business but don't know exactly how to do it? There is one simple secret (which is really not so secret after all). Growing your business requires, above all, good organisation and repeatable business processes. That's it! ALL successful businesses, whether large or small, are well organised and follow repeatable processes. Organisation allows you to tackle complex jobs and get them done on time and on budget. Repeatable processes allow you to find out what is working for you and keep it and find what is not working for you and change it.

Bizprac, the software for builders embodies these two critical principles. Firstly it keeps your business information organised and accessible. Secondly, by comparing your estimate to your actuals Bizprac helps you fine-tune your business processes by making each and every job you do a learning process. You can get better and better with every job. You don't have to do a lot more work to make more money. You just have to be efficient and accurately cost the jobs you do get.

Bizprac, the software for builders is dedicated to filling the needs of the building and construction industry.  So let us show you how.  With the right projects and processes, you can grow and realise your dreams.

Speeding up purchase orders in Bizprac is easy!  Automatically generating your purchase orders from your estimate will save you a huge amount of time. And as the purchase orders are generated they are automatically allocated to the correct Job, Cost Centre and Third Level of Job Costing too. All of this is done for you directly from the material you have selected for the estimate. Maybe you have been thinking purchase orders are hard?

Not with Bizprac, the software for builders! Plus there are lots of specialised tools and extra functionality to help you do virtually anything. Change the Creditor on an already created purchase order? You bet! Email purchase orders with attachments? Or even with active http links to your website plans? Big YES to both of these. Plus lots more. You are able to compare prices and change suppliers on the fly while creating the purchase order.

Creating purchase orders in Bizprac is fast. If you think you don't have the time to use purchase orders we can show you how you really do!

Bizprac handles Builders Retentions correctly and in accordance with the Australian Taxation Office. Let's face it, Builders Retentions are complicated.  Especially when you consider the Australian GST.  So if you are using a spreadsheet or some other method to track retentions you are probably feeling very frustrated with the limitations you keep running up against. And while they may be just figures in a spreadsheet it's real money that's at stake.

How much of your actual money have you forgotten to claim, or how much have you overpaid? Spreadsheets are lifeless documents without someone constantly checking and updating them. Bizprac, on the other hand, manages retentions in relation to your Debtors and Creditors and retention amounts show up in the General Ledger. You are never going to forget to claim your retentions with Bizprac.

Have back charges against retentions to claim? Well, Bizprac, the software for builders, is a comprehensive retentions handling system and it handles back charges too! One builder told us he had forgotten about a $60,000.00 retention which had been held against him! What could you do with a newfound $60.000.00?